Fashion Show | Poster Design

BJ Creative was asked by to design a poster for some of their upcoming fashion shows that they had arranged with firms surrounding Uppingham.

The poster was to be very clean and clear in its design and concise in conveying the information that people would need to remember to attend the event.

There were corporate sponsors that the artwork had to be approved by before the poster was printed and distributed to the local businesses to garner attention for the event.

The Final Design

Stamford Poster Design | BJ Creative


Posters, Events, Artwork Design, Stamford, Printed Card

Initial Concepts

No design will come straight away, so we always work on multiple concepts varying in complexity and design style so that the customer has the chance to review multiple styles that they may wish to use.

One predefined idea in their head may not translate to the final artwork design, that they wish to use.

Design Fields

Poster design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks