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Body Tattoo | Artwork Design

BJ Creative was asked to design a tattoo for a lady in Stamford. The lady had recently taken part in Ayuascha and had had very detailed visions as part of her journey. She wanted this vision to be put on some media as a lasting memory.

To add the special effect, we completely removed the existing background and added in a new sky scene that we created using a world engine software, Vue X-Treme.

This piece was a tattoo designed to symbolise the closure of a family loop. The mountains symbolise the favourite destination and the four birds flying within the skyline are her and her family. The colours were driven by the existing tatoos on the ladies body and were meant to compliment without looking out of place.

The Final Design

Stamford Artwork Design | BJ Creative


Large Wall Artwork, Artwork Pieces, Artwork Design, Stamford, Printed Card

Initial Concepts

No design will come straight away, so we always work on multiple concepts varying in complexity and design style so that the customer has the chance to review multiple styles that they may wish to use.

One predefined idea in their head may not translate to the final artwork design, that they wish to use.

Design Skills

Artwork design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks

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