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  • Stamford Web Design - Inner Body Balance
  • Stamford Web Design - Inner Body Balance

Inner Body Balance | Website Design

BJ Creative was tasked by Jonny Hands to create a new website for his sports massage business. His clients all come to visit him to experience a range of muscle and tissue massage to help with injuries, or to improve flexibility. Inner Body Balance is an independent Sports Therapy clinic owned and operated by Jonny Hands. A sports therapist with over 8 years experience within the industry. And considered to be a leading practitioner in his field.

Web Design

The website started as a blank canvas as there was no attachment to previous designs. Jonny wanted a clean website with light use of distractions away from the key text emphasising his work. His opening times and of course prices were clearly important factors. We used the logo assets throughout the site to reinforce the brand and look and feel. The website is small but suits its purpose for both Jonny and his customers.

The start of this project revolved around a simple website that conveyed enough, but not too much information about the business. Jonny wanted to have a business website for the work that he was doing where people could find out all of the key information that they would need to make an informed decision.

The Build

We built the site using ASP.NET 4.5. The new site was built in its entirety as a test site on a hidden domain so that the full functionality and cross-browser and cross-platform could be tested.

The site was initially hosted by BJ Creative on our server so that changes could be amended quickly at our end and this also then enabled us to managed the domains chosen for the website.

Skills used

Website design: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Website Build: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio

The website can be viewed at

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