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Wax Selection | Website Design

BJ Creative was tasked by Wax Selection to build a new website for them that would reflect the branding that they use heavily in all of their material. Their existing site was several years old and did not account for high mobile usage.

Wax were in a unique position where they were not highly ranked on Google for a multitude of reasons, but were still driving new business to their site from key areas. We talked around the best ways of enabling mobile viewing for the site and settled on a standalone mobile website as this would provide the best user experience without compromising the core of the functionality.

Wax Selection had very clear design patterns that they wished to follow to stand out in their arena of business. We received their stock flagship image and based several initial designs around this and the colours that were the brand standards.

Web Design

Due to the size of this project, we had to ensure that the artwork covered enough of the site to truly show them how the final product would look. We started with some static imagery and filled the content with generic text. As most of the site was dynamically created from the jobs that the admin teams would post, we needed to account for varying size copy.

We settled on a design for the desktop site that was a fully responsive homepage and then a varying response page design dependant on the device and resolution that was to be used.

The mobile site was a completely separate build that used the core functionality of the desktop site but removed a lot of content that was not readable or easy to resize dynamically.


The start of this project revolved around the SEO that BJ Creative could build into the site. Wax Selection had not focused on this aspect of their site, but the new, although graphic, website has seen many search terms now appearing on the top 5 pages of Google whereas before, there simply was no presence in the top 300 links. Several search terms now appear on the first page of Gooogle.

The Build

We built the site using ASP.NET 4.5 and two Databases, one MySQL and one MSSQL. The new site was built in its entirety as a test site on a hidden domain so that the full functionality and cross-browser and cross-platform could be tested.

The site was initially hosted by BJ Creative on our server so that changes could be amended quickly at our end and this also then enabled us to managed the domains chosen for the website.

Skills used

Website design: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Website Build: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio

The website can be viewed at

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