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The O Bar | Website Design

BJ Creative was tasked by Robin Evans to build a website for his flourishing Birmingham bar. This incorporates the provision of daily posters, live videos, important offer updates and social media linking. The O Bar is based in Birmingham and we have also done work for their sister business specialising in Gin. This project is one that is likely to grow and grow leading on to online ecommerce to handle the need for sales. The brief was to create a modern engaging website for users so that they could easily see what was happening on any given day.

Web Design

Moving the existing code base from classic asp to involved the setting up of a completely new solution. Unfortunately the two could not be merged together to save time. Whilst we were rebuilding the site, we looked at ways of adding more value to the code, from ensuring that all title tags for links were labelled up, that all images contained alt tags and that the page had screen-reader tool tips to skip to the content of the website, rather than having to wade through the navigation.

The Build

We built the site using ASP.NET 4.0 and a database for the upload facility that was essential for their day-to-day business. The new site was built in its entirety as a test site on a hidden domain so that the full functionality and cross-browser and cross-platform could be tested.

The site was initially hosted by BJ Creative on our server so that changes could be amended quickly at our end and this also then enabled us to managed the domains chosen for the website.

Skills used

Website design: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Website Build: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio

The website can be viewed at

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