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  • St Ives Web Design - Ambu Care Shop
  • St Ives Web Design - Ambu Care Shop
  • St Ives Web Design - Ambu Care Shop

Ambu Care Shop | Website & Logo Design

BJ Creative was tasked by the Danish firm Ambu to create a consumer driven portal for online sales to the UK audience. The online store was to stock all of the firms products and give full details of their application. The automated stock management tool was very useful for the warehouse staff so that they could automatically manage levels without there being an order unfulfilled. The full shopping cart provides multiple product comparisons, favouriting, add to basket and quick view options. Members of staff are able to upload and manage products via the backend anywhere in the world and instantly push the new products or ammendments to the live site. Payment options for this site are through the use of Paypal only to minimise overhead running costs and to provide the level of security consumers are used to.

Web Design

Due to the size of this project, we had to ensure that the flow for customers matched what Ambu had in their minds. BJ Creative had several on-site meetings to establish the core of the website before we set about creating the e-commerce solution.

We settled on a design for the desktop site that included large images for the core products to drive interest in them anytime that a push was needed. The main areas of the business were then categorised and broken down so that customers both familiar and unfamiliar with the line of products could find what they were after without issue. The final step was to include graphical search results, that show small icons of the products as you start typing their name. This aids customers in being able to associate colours with a product name.

The mobile site was a repsonsive setup that streamlined the functionality of the desktop but retaining the key features to make the experience as smooth as possible.

The Build

We built the site using ASP.NET 4.5 and two Databases, one MySQL and one MSSQL. The new site was built in its entirety as a test site on a hidden domain so that the full functionality and cross-browser and cross-platform could be tested.

The site was initially hosted by BJ Creative on our server so that changes could be amended quickly at our end and this also then enabled us to managed the domains chosen for the website.

Skills used

Website design: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Website Build: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, MSSQL

The website can be viewed at

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