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BJ Creative started the concept for a rendered design for a marketing poster for a monthly magazine. At the time we were building an app for our main line of business and the use of 3D models was a core design feature. As such this model had already been designed and we merely needed then to brand up the exterior to make it fit the part. The standard background of this render was used so that the plane could be lifted out and used on many different backgrounds.

The small touches for this design included the inclusion of the logo on to the main cabin and the wing strips. We tried to follow existing designs as much as possible so that the plane was nto completely overwhelmed with colour.

The Final Design

Stamford Poster Design | BJ Creative


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Initial Concepts

Starting with a blank canvas on this idea meant that a lot of learning could be made. The 3D render tested camera angles and also how to fit the design in to the placeholder we had made for the advert. All was built and ready, pending the final output from Vue to add the finishing details.

One predefined idea in their head may not translate to the final artwork design, that they wish to use.

Design Fields

3D Render design: Blender, Vue X-Treme, Adobe Photoshop

Renders are a very easy way of showing a scene or an idea that is not real, or an angle that cannot be taken with your existing skills. The easiest way to find out if we can help you is to contact BJ Creative. From our base in Stamford, we are willing to travel to you for initial meetings and showing you the progress as you require.

However, if you are further afield, do not worry. BJ Creative has created renders for customers from many different places. 3D Modelling design is not limited by distance.

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