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  • Stamford Web Design - Grassroots Publishing
  • Stamford Web Design - Grassroots Publishing

Grassroots Publishing | Website Design

BJ Creative was tasked by Chris Meadows to build a website for his Publishing business. We were asked to build a simple business card style website for this publishing firm. They did not need to invest in a large site as they already have a large presence under another name. This was to be an offshoot business that had a web presence, but would not necessarily used to draw in new customers. Their name was key and the intro video is used to reinforce this message. The video had to be resized several times to get a small enough profile for mobile usage and as standard conversion to a variety of formats.

Web Design

The website was to be clean and simple and not text heavy. A lack of content for Google to spider was not a concern, but the colourful and professional layout was. All avenues were to make the customer contact the firm rather than the site providing all of the answers.


We recommended a lighter weight mobile site without the video as this would ensure that the site loaded quickly for people when they needed to get online to check the firm out.

The registering of the site and business on many local directories was also passed across so that people are able to get an accurate response when look for this very specific service.

The Build

We built the site using ASP.NET 4.0 and incorporated a contact page and used Master Pages throughout the site.

The site was initially hosted by BJ Creative on our server so that changes could be amended quickly at our end and this also then enabled us to managed the domains chosen for the website.

Skills used

Website design: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop
Website Build: Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio

The website can be viewed at

Web design in Stamford

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